Demand Forecasting for Dynamics AX

Demand Forecasting for Dynamics AX

We offer an excellent solution that Microsoft Dynamics AX Partners can offer their customers to help them improve stock planning and intelligently plan ahead.

Demand Forecasting for Microsoft Dynamics AX is a fully integrated module, developed within Dynamics AX, that calculates forecasts of future demand for items to significantly improve the results produced by AX Master Planning.

Becoming a Demand Forecasting partner will help you be more competitive selling Dynamics AX:

  • You will enhance your Dynamics AX presentations with a highly demonstrable forecasting module that will help customers reduce stock levels
  • You will be offering a forecasting modules developed within Dynamics AX, so no interfacing of data its required to use it
  • Demand Forecasting for Microsoft Dynamics AX is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, so you are offering a solution endorsed by Microsoft.


If you are interested in becoming a partner contact us.

Demand Forecasting for Dynamics AX

Demand Forecasting for Microsoft Dynamics™ AX from Adaptable Solutions is a fully integrated Dynamics AX module that calculates forecasts of future demand (demand planning) for items based on sales order or invoice demand, and optionally production and projects demand, providing a powerful tool that enables companies to intelligently plan ahead.

Users can compare forecasts against history and manually adjust figures easily & conveniently, with graphical presentation of information to clearly display seasonal and other trends.

Demand Forecasting enables companies to generate sales forecasts using advanced industry-standard forecasting algorithms without the need to interface to non-AX products.  The inclusion of the Forecast Pro forecasting engine from Business Forecast Systems, Inc., Belmont, Massachusetts, provides customers with the power of an industry-leading forecasting solution and the ease of use of the Dynamics AX product.

Major features are:

  • Automatic generation of forecasts using multiple formulae
  • Optional grouping of customers and items with similar demand characteristics to increase the accuracy of forecasts
  • Adjustments to forecasts to allow for sales promotions
  • Ability to manually adjust sales history to remove abnormal demand
  • Optional documentation of reasons for manual changes
  • Graphical presentation of monthly forecasts alongside history, with promotional forecasts clearly visible
  • Forecast accuracy measurement 



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